Frequently Asked Questions

How does a shear subscription work?

1.) Choose Premium or Elite Shears to begin your subscription.
Decide if you want to receive sharp shears every 4 or 6 months.
2.) Put your shears to work! 
Near the end of your subscription, tell us which shears you want next.  Choose a familiar style or try something new!
3.) Swap for sharp shears.
We'll mail your new shears & include a prepaid envelope to return the dull shears without you ever having to leave your salon.

We make shear subscriptions easy

So, is a shear subscription basically a lease?

Well, kinda, but no.  A lease would bind you to a specific shear, whereas a subscription offers you access to a range of shears.  Simply flip between shears as you wish.  You're signing up with us, not the shears.

Is a shear subscription right for me?

It’s a personal choice, but here are 8 reasons why a subscription might make sense for you:

1.) Convenience: Sharp shears are shipped directly to you based upon the schedule of your choice, yet without any business interruptions & fuss.
2.) Immediate Access to Quality Without the Upfront Cost: All shears include only the highest quality, premium Japanese metal, yet a subscription won't set you back $300-$800!
3.) Guiltless Choice: A subscription gives you the choice to switch shears, without the guilt that comes with retiring & stockpiling expensive, unused shears.
4.) Predictability: Tired of wondering which month your shear sharpener might return?  Fret no longer.  A subscription is automatic and always on schedule.  Set it and forget it.
5.) Time is Money: Shears are the connection between you and your paycheck.  Sharp shears enable more proficiency, while avoiding the need to compensate for dull shears by making unnecessary cuts.
6.) Reputation: Dull shears can crush or bend your client’s hair cuticles, cause split ends, and leave unclean lines; and therefore, put your reputation at risk. A subscription ensures you’ll never be without sharp shears again. 
7.) Comfort: Compensating for dull shears requires heavier hand pressure and additional cuts, which may eventually lead to hand, wrist, and arm problems.  Nobody wants that.
8.) Affordability: Stop accumulating shears you don’t use!  There’s a better way… With a subscription, you pay only for the shears you actually use and you’ll never have to worry about sharpening again!

Which shears are best for me? 

Can't decide?  No problem.  We can help.  Check out the linked blog post that helps you weigh the ins-&-outs:  Everything You Need to Know About How to Choose Hair Scissors

Should I choose a 4 or 6-month subscription? 

This depends in large part on the number of clients you see per week.  A 6-month subscription will save you a few bucks each month, as we share the savings from less frequent sharpening and shipping costs, but when in doubt, we suggest electing the 4-month subscription and reevaluating after your initial subscription term.

Are your shears good?

(You do realize you basically just asked the barber if you need a haircut, right?)  Heck yep our shears are damn good and your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Our Premium Shears are crafted from the highest quality Japanese 440C steel, which is a step up from most shears used today.  Our Elite Shears take it up a notch with coveted, high carbon Japanese VG-10 stainless steel.  We could go on and on, but instead, don’t take our word for it - check out what other subscribers are saying: Subscriber Reviews  

Actual Subscriber Reviews

Can I buy a shear from you?

Yes, but frankly, doesn’t a subscription (that includes the price of routine sharpening!) make more sense?  If you’re not convinced, that’s ok.  Retail prices are displayed on each product page – let us know if we can help. 

What happens if I damage or lose a shear?

Our technicians will repair a damaged shear at no cost to you.  If the shear is irreparable or lost, then the subscriber is responsible for replacing the shear for $100.  Yes, the replacement cost is far less than our retail prices, but we’re not here to profit off of accidents and misfortune.  Sure, when a shear is damaged or lost, we take it on the chin too, but let’s not dwell on what’s done.  Let’s get you a replacement shear promptly and focus on what’s important.  Cool?

Can I switch my subscription frequency if I change my mind? 

Yes, of course.  The best time to do this is shortly prior to your subscription cycle’s auto-renewal, but we’re flexible, so if you want to switch sooner than that, just let us know. 

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