About Us

Rock Paper Shears

Rock Paper Shears is built by a team of entrepreneurs and licensed cosmetologists and we're convinced there's a better way to access and maintain sharp shears.  As a customer, we promise you the following:

  • Convenience: We ship you sharp shears based upon the schedule of your choice, yet without any business interruptions and fuss.
  • Immediate Access to Quality Without the Upfront Cost: We only offer shears with the highest quality, premium Japanese metal, yet a subscription won't set you back the $300 to $800 that a purchased shear would otherwise cost; and our subscriptions include the cost of routine sharpening too!
  • Guiltless Choice: We like to try new things too!  We give you the choice to switch shears before each renewal period, yet without the guilt that comes with retiring and stockpiling expensive, unused shears.

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